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  • Selling your Panties – So What?

    Selling your Panties – So What?

    Panty sniffing fetishes are becoming more well-known as a fetish. Frankly, it’s surprising that this particular sexual fad has taken so long to make an impact. Insofar as consensual practice goes, this is one of […]

  • Who is buying used Panties?

    Who is buying used Panties?

    The question anybody who is considering selling their used panties is asking is just who is buying used panties? The answer to this question is that a whole host of men and women from all […]

  • Why you should sell your used Panty?

    Why you should sell your used Panty?

    The number of people out there selling panties Online and making either some extra money or simply making their entire living from used panties is growing all the time and you could join them. Making […]

  • Buyers Guide in Buying Used Panties

    Buyers Guide in Buying Used Panties

    Buying used items for personal or business use does not mean that you are being cheap when buying items that are used or second-hand which is what some people usually think. It simply means that […]

  • make money with used panties

    make money with used panties

    Who hasn’t ever wanted a little more money than they currently had, whether it’s meant for spending on a little treat or on necessities for everyday life? No matter what you need some extra cash […]

  • used socks

    used socks

    When you take your shoes off in the evening after a long day at work or a girl’s night out, the smell is rather breathtaking sometimes and you’re quick to get off those socks and […]

  • How to sell – as a beginner

    So you came to a decision and want to give selling used panties a try, then? Well, then you had better start using the system of a site specially made for ladies willing to find […]

  • How to sell – as a professional

    Once you’ve sold a number of worn panties, perhaps you’ll want to try and expand your sideline to see how much you can really earn. As a professional, you’ll be needing more pictures first of […]

  • Negotiating with customers

    Sone of your customers are bound to negotiate. Not necessarily over the price, most of them are willing to pay a reasonable sum provided your prices are realistic and what you have to offer is […]

  • What panties to sell?

    What panties to sell?

    Obviously, you’ll find it hard to get customers interested in your everyday pair of white cotton knickers you wouldn’t even want your best girlfriends to catch you wearing. Give your first few sells an attempt […]