What panties to sell?

Obviously, you’ll find it hard to get customers interested in your everyday pair of white cotton knickers you wouldn’t even want your best girlfriends to catch you wearing. Give your first few sells an attempt with erotic pairs, although they needn’t be overly hot or expensive. A nice thong or a decorative, old pair of panties you wouldn’t miss if they were gone will be perfectly fine to start with. As you don’t want to end up selling your favorite pairs, if you decide to stick with the job after getting rid of the first few panties you’ll have to do some shopping. Make sure you don’t spend too much money, and if you do then recalculate your sales prices. They must earn you the money you spent for the panties in the first place, and of course you want to actually earn something, too. Once you successfully sold the first few pairs, some of your customers might actually address you and come forward with special wishes. Fulfill them if you’re okay with it, buy what they ask you to, but make sure you’re still earning enough to make the job attractive. Erotic underwear definitely sells better than everyday pairs that have little femininity to them, but you could also give them a try – after all, there’s a market for almost everything nowadays and you may just find the odd customer or two.