Hot stained panties

Men have a variety of fetishes regarding panties. The majority of them sound kind of yucky to the female audience but they for sure should be tried while selling panties. The different models of panties, wearing time, textures, every single characteristic of the panties are important, hence more exotic type of stains, too. A quirky type of thing which some men enjoy is blood stained panties. Like their tendency to like all kind of smells and stains on panties, they like to see all of the possible liquids which I woman can leave on her undergarments. Selling bloody panties for sure would be of interest for many men. Sexy underwear model lying in bed with rose petalsYou can pick some sexy black panties and stain them lightly, or go for a white pair for more impressive look. The lace and the bloody liquid would create at the same time sexy but also dirty aspect for which they desire. The color red is really strong and full of symbolisations. Women wearing red have always been regarded as bold and naughty by the men. Also, some red marks would give expression to a woman’s daring character to leave them and show them, confident of her body natural processes. The blood signifies the productivity and life-giving abilities which women posses and that is a big turn on, too. It’s a more perverted concept than usual, and awakens passions more easily for men who like it. Having a pair of blood stained panties they have the chance to explore a more different side of feminine sexuality and look on the variety of expressions it has. Men who like to experiment long to see, feel, smell as many as possible stains and odors. Most of the times women are disgusted and ashamed by the fact that such a secretions are desired to be viewed. However, sexuality has always had it’s paradoxes and strange perverted sides and should be embraced and enjoyed. Why not prepare a panties with a few drops of blood next time you sell. It’s a bold act of confidence and self esteemed individual. Men for sure would like the naughty idea and in no time such offers would be even more profitable than others.
Panties selling is in itself a perverted hobby and dedicating your time to it involves to open your mind for all the possibilities. Explore your sexuality and try different ways to make those panties hot and dirty. Make men fantasise and have fun profiting playing with your dirty mind.