Selling used undies: the dangers of selling at Reddit

Reddit is a very popular social networking website frequented by geeks, big thinkers, actors and politicians. It also features many pictures of furry kittens. It might be great for staying up to date with current affairs, the latest news in the world of tech, or the world’s next best meme, it’s not a good place to sell your panties online. Consider the presence of hundreds of NSFW subreddits covering every manner of sexual desire across the globe.

All new website, faster, safer and sexier then ever...

All new website, faster, safer and sexier then ever…

Used panties and subreddits

A subreddit is a kind of custom made forum on Reddit. It’s like throwing your hot, creamy panties to the wolves in a place where if someone really wanted to, they could post intimate details of their online experience with you. Something that should only be remembered as private, discreet and at the most, slightly sensual. Misrepresentation is big on the Internet – don’t become a victim.

The dangers of selling used underwear on Reddit

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Why selling at Pantydeal is more safe

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