Should I buy a vacuum sealer for wet panties ?

Selling worn panties is an art that requires patience and a desire to please clients. It is important to note that clients willing to purchase the panties, are seeking the juicy panties rather than new panties that lack aroma. Many of the new sellers often ask if they should keep the panties wet and fresh? Or attempt to preserve the aroma.

Preserving wet panties the aroma

To get more sales it is important to ensure that you retain the scent of dirty underwear. The scent is the main reason why used underwear and panties are popular. There are some specific clients who can pay more money for you to jerk off in the panties. The combined aroma causes some purchasers to be consumed and sexually obsessed.
Pantydeal discussions require that you follow the exact instructions as offered by the client. Panty sniffers are very specific with regard to the aromas they are willing to pay for as well as panties they what to spend on. For some specific clients, stained panties are a collector item for which they are willing to pay more. It is important to note that with the right aroma, one can earn enough income from used panties. There are sellers who have actually made money for college just from selling their worn and dirty panties.

Should I invest in a vacuum sealer?

The vacuum sealer though a costly investment can make a big difference in your sale of used panties. The vacuum sealer ensures that you keep the scent of the dirty underwear. Clients are able to distinguish, and enjoy the natural scent thereby generating even more business. The seller also preserves the stains that could be used to drive up the price of the used panties. Vacuum sealers also have the advantage of ensuring that even as they preserve the natural scent of the used panties, they maintain a fresh and clean aroma.
The sale of used panties is a business that caters to very specific clients who are only willing to pay for a product that has been satisfying and enjoyable. The vacuum sealer helps to ensure that your clients get the best they have paid for, therefore ensuring that they continue to pay for more of your used panties.