Washing off body fluids or not?

Most of us are familiar with the following situation – after hot sex with cunt fucking and ass fuck in the evening – of course the prerequisite is sex without a c

ondom – you go to sleep without taking a shower, falling asleep next to each other on the mattress. The next morning a very intense odor then sure, especially on the males private parts but also around the pussy and the womans ass has formed: A mixture of cum, pussyfluids and intestinal secretions.

Some find the smell exciting, others find it unpleasant or even disgusting. A question which moves the minds now is how to handle it. Do you bask in the memory of the previous night or is everything carefully scrubbed, according to the principle “even if the food tasted delicious, the dishes are washed and not allowed to dwell in the kitchen in remembrance of yore”. So when does the grits come off, immediately after the fuck, a little bit later, the next day or not at all…?

A tip for odor lovers who want to enjoy the gourmet flavors extensively: It is recommended to leave the bedroom (or the car, or the shed …) for a few minutes the next morning, to give your noses and lungs a breath of fresh air. Then return to the site of crime and enjoy the full flavor once again as i fit was the first time.