3 Ways to pleasure your used pantie buyers more

The more activities that you include in your used panties business, the more the clients are going to take interest in you and make long term negotiations. When the weather is so hot and the people are bored in town, you can use the moment to impress your buyers more and make them stick to buying only from you. Men are quite passionate about sexy stuff and used lingerie when it’s summer and everybody around wears less clothes.

Show them your summer naughty passion and offer them some kinkier used panties classifieds and services.

Pleasure yourself
When you pleasure yourself you automatically excite your clients and make them take great joy as well. Men are in love in observing women playing with themselves and enjoying their own sexuality. You can use this technique both, in taking sexy lingerie photos and recording a naughty video. It makes you look way sexier than usual and quite confident in yourself. The used panties buyers search for an innovative and extra naughty experiences online. There are less women that dare to pleasure themselves in front of the others and show their sexual side. Use it as your secret weapon for competing with the other used panties sellers and attracting more customers.

Perfect girl in a sexy black lingerie on the bedIndulge in being natural
Men can have strange taste when it comes to sexuality. All men like when women are more natural and care less. One way to use this in your used panties business is to do typical natural things in your videos like farting and burping. That way the clients assume that you are an open-minded seller that is ready to take the things further and enjoy sexuality in a naughty way. Don’t be shy to use the different sounds and physical qualities of your body in order to excite your used panties clients. The final results are going to be more than fascinating for sure.

Love your disadvantages
All people have their own negative qualities and can’t look perfect. Feeling comfortable about them and showing your body more in your sexy lingerie photos, you appear like a quite confident and powerful woman. Men like women that love themselves and exude such positive worldview regarding their body. The more you accept yourself, the more you’re going to exceed in the used panties business. It completely changes the way you look in the photos and how you communicate with the clients in the dirty chatting sessions.