How much will you earn?


Selling used panties can turn into the main source of income for women. but you can only wear a certain number of panties a day and perhaps you don’t want to sell the entire lot of them. However, your possible income also depends on how long you’re willing to wear a pair, how much you really have to offer, how much time you’re investing, and how high your customers are willing to go. You had best take a look at a site offering ladies help selling their used panties to get a brief overview.  The seller prices for worn panties are about 20-50 $ (it depends of panty quality and additional services like pictures). Then consider how many panties you would sell and what you’re going to offer alongside with them: For example, offers with pictures of you wearing them will generally earn you more money than the panties by themselves. Provided you stick to the realistic possibilities, your chances of deciding individually on how much you’re going to earn are rather flexible and solely up to you.