How can I make money selling used panties ?

Pantydeal is dedicated to help women make some easy money, in ways that may seem slightly bizarre. Women can get god cash for selling panties online, which sounds like a ridiculously simple way of getting cash. Just set up an account to start getting paid. Important aspect is not to back out of this exceptional way of making money. Do not think of what men would be doing with the used panty, jut stay away from that. Take a practical look at the bank account and continue with the endeavor.

Learn how to make money selling used panties

Learn how you can make money selling used panties on Pantydeal…

What you need to make money selling used panties:

Like any small business that starts out, it may take some time to make a name, but when done, money will start rolling in. It is possible to sell the first pair immediately and within a few days there will be $40 in the account which was not there earlier. It is only possible to know when women try to sell used underwear online. It is good to write a thank you email to the buyers to convert first-time buyers into repeat buyers. This can become a steady and simple source of income. Pandydeal supports and is a secure way to add $400 or even more to the monthly income without any effort. Typically, underwear is advertised as being used for one to maybe three days but some buyers may request longer or perhaps “specialized” wears.

To sell used panties online you need to be open-minded

This can make some women uncomfortable and it basically boils down to ones comfort level. There is no need to do something a woman does not want to do; maybe someone else out there will do it. Just stick to what is okay, and make the most of the used underwear selling experience, Pantydeal can be a best friend with simple registering and a choice of posting options. With time women get good reviews and gain popularity which allows them to increase the price of their used panties. When women get into the used underwear selling business, they have to come with an open mind and keep patience. To ensure success get the best items and find ways to display them in the best way. A hot and alluring picture on can take women a long way, men are ready to pay more than the original cost for the used panty they really want.