Who is buying used Panties?

The question anybody who is considering selling their used panties is asking is just who is buying used panties? The answer to this question is that a whole host of men and women from all different walks of life and experiences are coming together to build a panty fetish community that can be enjoyed by all adults. What you will find when you start a used knicker selling service is that a group of friendly and very grateful people are spread throughout the world hoping to buy a pair of soiled underpants.

Understanding why people of all backgrounds enjoy the nice smell and moist nature of a pair of used pants is something that will quickly become apparent to any seller. Choosing to buy a pair of used pants means the person with a knicker fetish can have some form of physical bond with the person who has worn them, which is a reason why the use of messaging, pictures and even videos becomes so important to many who are a part of this fetish community.

Just receiving a pair of creamy knickers is not enough for most people with a panty fetish, instead they want to know they were worn and by whom. By doing this the dirty knicker fetishist feels they have more of a connection to the wearer and can therefore enjoy the pants a little more when they have seen them worn in some way. The odour and moisture contained within each pair of panties a buyer receives provide a real link to the individual wearer that adds something to the collection of every collector of stained knickers.

The person with a fetish for used panties cannot be pigeonholed into a single set of stereotypes or spotted for their image. Instead, many people simply enjoy the nice smell that is individual to the man or woman who has worn the pants and has now chosen to sell them Online. As you sell or buy panties Online you will meet a group of people who share your interest in the smells and feeling of creamy panties.