What is it with used panties?

Men love a woman’s very own smell, they love every aspect of it. Her hair smells different than her body, her face has a very different smell than her hands. And it isn’t about perfume, shampoo or other cosmetics at all, it’s all about a woman’s individual scent. Some men have a very special love for the smell of a woman’s used panties, however they’d never dare steal them when allowed to use a lady’s bathroom – they have far too much respect of her for that. They prefer to pay her for her offer to wear them for a day and a night or longer, depending on what she’s willing to offer. Obviously you can imagine what a man would want to do with worn panties, but you don’t have to if you don’t find the idea appetizing. All you need to do is wear the knickers, find a customer for them, and sell them to whatever price you were thinking of asking. All in all, some men just need a bit of a different kick than your usual porn.