4 Possible reasons you’re not getting the attention of used panties buyers

Buyers need to be impressed and excited fast in order to pick a used panties seller for making negotiations. The abundance of used panties offers and sellers has made the clients to select from the variety and not waste too much time on reviewing profiles in depth. Therefore, counting on the strategies that catch the attention rapidly is one of the most important techniques to use when selling.

1.You omit the most curious and sexiest parts of a panties photo
Used panties photos are not uploaded just to show the lingerie but provoke the interest. That is the most impressive way to promote the used panties offers and immediately make the buyers to invest. Paying extra attention to seducing parts like cleavage, sexy angles formed by lingerie and the most tempting parts of female body, is key when taking photos. It’s a matter of exciting desires and fantasies, meanwhile showing how the lingerie looks like.

2.Your behavior doesn’t attract the clients
When chatting with used panties buyers, every seller should behave in both, friendly and flirty way. That’s how buyers feel comfortable with negotiating and intrigued by the seller. Maintaining a seductive tone and making teasing implications, makes every buyer decide more easily if he wants to buy or postpone an offer. The way of communication is very important in making a used panty offer more attractive and worth the attention.

Beautiful blonde girl in a sexy lingerie

3.Your reviews don’t represent your true image
You may be the most reliable and interesting used panties seller out there but without any appropriate reviews, buyers tend to ignore the profiles without a proper evaluation. It’s good to collect high rating and require that buyers leave you reviews after purchasing from you. That way with time you can prove to the entire community your high quality service and attract buyers.

4.Buyers just don’t notice you
Especially at the beginning when a used panties profile is not that popular, it’s harder to get noticed and contacted. For this reason, posting more and commenting on other user’s walls can get you more famous and noticeable. That’s a pretty easy way that can create you more contacts and used panties orders in less time.

When selling used panties you should be patient and attentive toward both, the way your profile appears and the ease of access toward it. It’s important to maintain your popularity and be communicative, in order to be a profitable seller. Combining all of the skills together with some seductive used panties offers, you can become successful and busy seller.