4 Questions to ask every potential used panties buyer

When you sell used lingerie online it’s beneficial to get to know your clients with their specific personal characteristics and habits. That’s an essential step before making an actual sale, in order to make your business more productive and meet all the used panties clients’ needs. Focusing a little bit more attention on the clients first and then on the lingerie offers, you’re going to make some tiny changes but will get significantly positive results.

1.With which film character do you associate yourself?
All people love the more artistic side of life and adore watching films. Most of the times everybody is able to associate himself with a certain popular character, having in mind his appearance or personality. Asking this simple and innocent question, you can get to know the used panties buyer profoundly without really scaring him or sounding strange.

2.Are you friends with other used panties sellers?
Getting to know if he’s friends with other used lingerie sellers, you can see for yourself if a buyer is friendly and respects the sellers. It’s always good friendly relations between used panties sellers and buyers to be created and maintained throughout the negotiations. If a buyer reveals that he tends to be sociable and has other sellers for friends online, then it’s a really positive sign.

Portrait of sexy woman on vintage sofa.

3.Which is the most interesting sexual habit you’ve got?
The used lingerie fans like to discuss dirty themes and would be happy to share their sexual habits. Hearing about their erotic fascinations, you can take better decisions when you offer them used lingerie and other services. It’s going to convert you in an easy-going seller, understanding clients and their needs fast, which is very attractive for the customers.

4.Can you describe yourself briefly?
Requesting from a client to describe himself briefly as a person, it’s not going to give you the perfect realistic description, but you’re going to understand how he sees himself. That is important for when you create used panties offers which are made to satisfy certain needs related to the personality type and its traits as well.

The moments you sell used lingerie you need not only to create offers and update used panties details, but try to understand your clients more. It’s a key technique that you should implement always when you want to inspire yourself and propose the right used lingerie. That way you’re going to increase your sales and attract the attention of some loyal clients for sure.