Facts about the smelly sock fetish

Men do not know where the socks fetish comes from, but most men love sniffing women socks. For instance, if a woman looks pretty and has scentless socks, men cannot get aroused in anyway. However, when she is ugly and has sock fetishists, men react like animals and get an orgasm.

Why men love to sniff dirty socks

Men feel that getting the smell of a woman socks bring her romantic an anatomy. Women who are planning to make some cash selling dirty socks, are advised to select the socks that comprises of scents that will naturally attract men. In order to bolster the used socks business, proactive seller must take some sexy amateur videos of these socks. With this information, it is a general knowledge that dirty smelly socks for sale is a lucrative venture. These used shocks can then be posted on pantydeal.com portal-where to buy smelly socks online, for interested clients. With the overwhelming used socks audience, sellers have the opportunity to reap bigger because every image of dirty socks is attracting reasonable website hits. Remember, the audience knows the website line of business and their conversion into buyers is to the extreme.

The smelly sock fetish

Apparently, men love sniffing panties and socks and they would pay a lot of money to get dirty stinking socks even at higher prices. Mostly, the payments are done on a negotiation basis. The sellers quote reasonable prices on their pantydeal.com account portal for any interested buyer. The buyers then examine the prices, negotiate where possible and then make an order. Sellers are advised to chat with buyers to boost confidence and co-oporation towards the deal. There are no fixed charges for selling used socks and sellers sometimes engage in chat with buyers to reach a given price.

How much women can earn selling dirty socks:

The procedure for selling socks to get money is very easy. Sellers need to decide on the portal they want use and take some sexy photos of their feet in the socks. They should also introduce some homemade sex tapes they had when putting on the socks they want to sell for the potential fetish buyers and definitely buyers will hit their portal. Having these ideas in their minds, it will be a faster deal for them to make some good money. Actually these side hustles get them some free money.