How You Can Preserve Your Dirty Panty Gusset

How women preserve their sweaty knickers or used panties they offer for sale at pantydeal has a great impact on the situation that these dirty panties will be in great condition before they reach destined clients. Before sending used panties in the mail, sellers need to come up with a way to preserve the scent. That romantic worn panty gusset makes men and fetishists happy, and is one of the main reasons why they return for more.

Keep your panties fresh and juicy

Keep your panties fresh and juicy

Lately, men are engaged in a fetish world filled with eye catching and attractive used panties to turn on their inner most sex-related wishes. The presentation should give awesome climaxes and present a whole new advertising way for dirty panties on the internet. The recommended storage techniques and preservation area as well as how to keep used panties form unwanted smell before even you pack them is consequently an issue every seller must take into consideration. Usually, knickers preservation area, though eye-catching are created of wood which are permeable with organic fragrance.

Preservation for Best Scent

To keep used panties fresh, dirty and wet, it is recommended that these panties be preserved in a plastic container which are airtight as possible and perhaps get scentless techniques to gather whatever wetness that may get in. Consider packaging a piece of wax paper around the gusset of the dirty panties. Regardless of how the panties are wrapped and folded, the good staff will stay safe in place. Many used panty buyers want these panties to be airtight sealed. Well, this technique can be good at eliminating air fully from the package. If all the air is sucked out of the container, the panties can be folded in such a way that the scent and juice deposited on dirty gusset speeds to every part of the panty. It is till a good idea to obtain a vacuum sealer, so that such requests are accommodated.

These two methods are not only important in preserving dirty panties scent, but also keep in important panty moisture. Sometimes used panty packages get heated while on transit, if this is the case then it is important for panty sellers to dry these panties for a few hours before packaging or taking them to pantydeal for delivery.