Making difference between fine and poor quality lingerie

In order to feel always comfortable and confident, it’s good to select your lingerie with care. It’s not enough to pick just some specific popular brands, but focus on the details regarding every lingerie design and materials used. That way you wouldn’t waste your money and will guarantee yourself impeccable appearance.

1.Types of fabrics
One of the most significant and noticeable differences between bad made and quality underwear is the use of fabrics. Poor manufactured lingerie is normally made of synthetic materials like polyester which is pretty obvious when touched. It normally irritates skin during prolonged use and washing it too much can ruin the lingerie design and look after time. For this reason it’s good to invest into quality lingerie fabrics like cotton and silk, which normally endure during long time keeping your skin and entire look glamorous.

sexy woman with dark hair in red lingerie lying on silk sheet

2.Use of elements
There are a lot of elements that can tell you that you’ve stumbled upon a bad lingerie design. It can be the lack of lining or the use of a lot of plastic elements. High quality lingerie most of the times includes a lining, metals elements and sometimes incorporates beautiful embroidery. Buttons and zips are also an useful indicator. When they are used in order just to beatify the design and not perform a specific function, you can be sure that you’re about to buy a poor quality lingerie. In the fabrication of good lingerie every single element is used with a specific purpose and function.

3.Shape of lingerie
Another way to test the lingerie quality is to put it on and observe its shape. Strange shaping and inability to reshape body in a nice and pleasurable way can tell you that the quality is poor. Many women blame their own bodies in such moments, however everything depends on the underwear sizing and shaping. When you’ve found your perfect size but the lingerie still looks strange and doesn’t fit you right, putting more pressure on some parts of the body and less on others, then it’s better to search for another lingerie brand.

Keep in mind these simple tips and always check in details the lingerie you’re buying. You can save yourself money when you invest in good quality intimate garments. It can benefit your skin, body and look as well, leaving you happier and more confident in yourself.