Some tips on promoting your panties

Promoting and selling your panties could be tricky at times. Some tiny details on the way you appear to the panties buyers or your actions could have a big impact on your future offers. Let’s have a look at the possible cases which can take place when dealing with used panties sales.

1.Be careful with retouching panties photos
It’s normal to think how you can make your sexy panties look the best way possible. However, natural images always look better. Retouching makes photos look fake and unrealistic. People start to ask themselves how the real pair of panties and your body look like and hesitate about buying. Editing can also make you appear with low confidence in yourself, and that is important when selling panties. Men like confident sex goddess to offer them the best quality used underwear and play with fantasies. It’s possible even that a panty deal look unreal, occulting something strange about the pair. It’s definitely not the best option to manage your photos. Make them as casual and sexy as possible and the panties will sell easier.

2.Makeup complements pantiesSexy slim brunette woman posing in bed, looking at camera

If you show your face to the audience, you should take care about the makeup you put on yourself, too. The colors of the makeup can make the panties look sexier. Red lips and eyeliner are the most popular sexy combination, however there are many other trends to explore. Wearing only eyeliner or lipstick, adding some new fresh colors which complement skin, golden for the tanned and silver for the light colored chicks, add fresh feel to the look. The sexy eyes, lips and the panties are the most important parts of a photo. Make sure that the emphasis is put on them, playing with the space and light in the room.

3. Keep panties look mysterious
It’s good to upload more photos but make sure that you’re not revealing too much of your body, otherwise buyers will get bored too fast. Enhance the shiny sexy textures and lace details of the panties themselves but play carefully with how your body appears. Take photos from sexy angles and revealing a little bit of nude parts but keep it polite and professional. That way buyers would want to see more of you and how your panties can look on you and they’ll follow you for more photos, exploring to buy some sexy panties.

Always pay attention to the tiniest details. Everything makes difference and other people notice the slight changes immediately. Impress your panties buyers with impeccable looks and high quality used underwear and your business will never cease to progress.