The panty fetish – from a fetish to big business

Panyt fetish

While it may seem like a weird idea to some, selling panties online has turned into a magic wand of financial freedom to many women, already. This section will describe the concept of fetishism while the next will cast a light on how practicable it is to make millions out of it.

Facts about the fetish and panties

Firstly, selling panties online does not require any garment factory. What one requires are dirty panties, meaning that they retain essentially what the buyer would be seeking from them: bodily odor. The fact that one can cough out bills to purchase used underwear reveals that he or she is truly fetish. They get sensual satisfaction by having this silken wear handy. To quell this passion can only happen if one obtains dirty panties. One can see them either in pictures or on video, being worn, on Pantydeal.

From a weird fetish to a socially acceptable business

This section contains an explanation of how a Pantydeal is no longer weird but a booming business with a practicable edge. Indeed, people can earn extra money by signing up to an account on to become sellers of these objects of infatuation. One usually requires no physical market, in fact, or a warehouse, for the site will handle all aspects of infrastructure and distribution to panty lovers. Since the fetish idea blossomed into tangible business, in recent years, the number of people, especially the male gender, who actually pay higher amounts than they spend on new underwear, has risen. Their object is panty sniffing, an act which has a nearly similar effect in some individuals as romantic closeness, such as, touching a woman.

In conclusion:

This is why wet panties, in particular, are now selling like hot cakes. The reason is because they still retain the odor of the wearer, a sufficient reason, in itself, for availing them in the first place. One can make some extra money with wet panties by just starting an account to start a Pantydeal. Students who wish to register can submit their details, including nickname that they will use as their username on the site. There are two types of accounts available, including that of a seller or buyer.