Watermark your photos when selling used panties

pantybid-screenshotAt Pantydeal.com, selling your used panties is an easy way to earn money. With over 25,000 members, the website allows you to create your own online shop, helping you to make an easy second income and providing a safe, online marketplace for panty lovers all over the world.

How you can watermark your images

All you need to do is to wear your panties as normal, then make them available for sale in your own personal shop space: it’s up to you to choose the pricing, add photographs and decide whether you want to add any additional services. It really is that simple to get started and earn some extra cash in no time at all, and with up to 1,000 new members every month registering with the website, you’ll find that there’s a captive audience and maybe even some regular customers in it for you too.

Our advice to sellers:

One thing that we advise our sellers to do is to make sure you protect your work through the use of watermarking, ensuring that your photos remain your photos and are not used elsewhere. While it may seem like a lot of effort, digitally protecting your photos makes sure that there is no risk of them being used elsewhere by other people. To watermark your photos involves digitally overlaying your photo with a faint logo, word or image so that others will not be able to use it on their own websites or social media. However, there’s another great benefit too: watermarks can be used as a marketing tool.

You could overlay your photo with a link to your personal shop area, meaning that anyone who stumbles across the photo and likes what they see will be able to be directed straight to your shop, potentially gaining you more panty-loving customers. Whether it’s to protect against the theft of your photo or to show off your wares to a wider audience, a simple watermark can make a big difference.