How to combine good food with nice lingerie

In order to keep the passion and spice things up, a lot of people need extra tips and interesting techniques. One simple and joyous way is to just add food whenever you want to go sexy or dirty with erotic lingerie. Tasty food stimulates the senses and is always very useful when boosting happiness and drives.

Various alcoholic drinks look very sexy next to a lingerie and can be used not just for consumption but creating some very hot photos. Wine and cocktails are naturally associated with late night fun activities and go hand in hand with sexy garments like lingerie. That’s the best way to make things go hot when you’re with someone special, and you feel like lingerie is not enough. The relaxing feeling and romantic look alcohol has, can surely give every erotic situation more glam.

Salty foodsBeautiful girl in a sexy lingerie
Salty foods are not so preferred when it comes to bedroom and sexy posing with lingerie. However, using salty things like crackers, nuts and chips which involve the use of fingers when eating, can create some pleasant visual effect. You can convert every eating activity into something fun and interesting, combining it with sexy lingerie. Sharing the moments of having a snack with someone, can mean a lot also and provoke not just with the looks but be powered by the hormones produced by the food as well.

The sweet things are very popular when it comes to erotic moments. Nonetheless people should be rather careful with the quantity of sugar contained because of causing headaches and making people lazy. Including fruits and cream is the best option and wouldn’t make a mess with the lingerie. Light sweet foods are healthy and tasty, avoiding the prospect to get stuffed with sugar. Erotic lingerie looks very nice when combined with various sexy looking foods like fruits and can even make it to contrast the garments colour. Both, visual effects and taste affect each other and reinforce the attractive look every erotic lingerie creates.

Mixing sometimes between the different activities of eating and having fun can give you new ways to experiment. Feel free to explore the variety and enjoy the interesting results you can get. Everything depends on your ability to play with lingerie, imagination and diverse hot situations.