Methods you can use to send pictures to used panties buyers

There are a few ways you can use when you want to share your pictures online with other people.
Here we’ve listed the easiest and most popular ways, you can use in order to make your file sharing faster and reliable. Feel free to explore the options and have fun!


Sexy woman in lingerie using laptop computer on the bed


In order to use GoogleDrive you should already have or create yourself a Google account.
1.You can manually upload files just by clicking on “New” in the left section of the Drive page.
Using this option of Google you can also organise and share your files.
2.In order to share the files you want, you should click on the desired file and then select “Share” from the options depicted above.



In order to share files through Dropbox you need to sign up.
1.Download and install Dropbox for free.
2.Open Dropbox. Create a folder and place the files you want to share.
3.Right click with your mouse over the file you want to share and put your cursor over “Dropbox”, clicking “Share this Folder”.
4.Enter the email addresses of the people with which you want to share.
5.Click on “Share Folder”.



In order to share files with SugarSync you need to sign up.
1.Download and install SugarSync.
2.Right click on the file you want to share and put your cursor over SugarSync, clicking “Share…”
3.You can choose form private and public sharing. Then you can edit access, add recipients and personal messages.
4.Click on “Send Invitation”.


In order to use SendSpace there’s no need to download, you can use it directly online.
1.Go to
3.Click on the “Browse” button, browse through your files and select the ones you want to share
2.Click on “Upload” and wait for the files to be uploaded.
4.Copy the link you’ve received and send it to the person with whom you want to share.
It would lead to a site where the person would be able to download it.



In order to use TransferBigFiles you should create an account.
1.Download and install “TransferBigFiles”.
2.Log in with your email and password.
3.Click on “New Transfer”, “Add Files” or “Add Folders”.
4.Add a name, message to the file and emails of the recipients.
5.Click on ”Begin Transfer”.
You can pause and resume the transferring of files.
It’s very convenient for large files.