make money with used panties

sell your used underwear and panties

sell used underwear and panties

Who hasn’t ever wanted a little more money than they currently had, whether it’s meant for spending on a little treat or on necessities for everyday life? No matter what you need some extra cash for, why not become a woman who knows how to make money fast? Selling used panties has turned into a source of extra income for many open-minded women, and more are giving it a try by the day.

If you like the thought of earning money doing what you hopefully do on a daily basis anyway, which is wearing pretty panties, then selling worn knickers is for you. All you need are a few pairs of nice panties and a web portal offering you access to customers. Your buyers will be men interested in the smell of a lady’s used panties, which is a rather common fetish nowadays. Naturally they’d never go to the extent of asking a woman they meet in everyday life for her panties, but they’re willing to pay if you can imagine selling your knickers instead of tossing them right into the washing basket. You needn’t put much thought into what your customers do with your knickers if you don’t like the thought; all you do is wear them and put them up for sale.

You probably won’t earn a monthly income selling worn panties, but you will be able to establish a source of pocket money sums. Some women sell only a few pairs of panties per month, as they don’t feel like more or don’t have the time – they’ll keep earning little, but even that’s nice as you didn’t do much for it. Others, however, have established a rather professional way of marketing and selling worn panties. Thus, they earn a little more than just pocket money and reinvest part of it into new panties, part of it is meant for themselves and treat themselves even to an expensive gift every once in a while für their work.