used socks

used and dirty socks

smell or sell used socks

When you take your shoes off in the evening after a long day at work or a girl’s night out, the smell is rather breathtaking sometimes and you’re quick to get off those socks and toss them right in the washing basket where they belong. Some men, however, would rather see you stuff them in an envelope and sell them for a small sum of money, as they enjoy the scent of a lady’s worn socks. Clever women use this as a source of extra income – you yourself can decide what you sell, how you sell, and how much you earn.

While you may be wondering what anyone would want with your used socks, just give it some thought. Men obviously love women, they’re goddesses in flesh and blood to them. Anything the fine lady has to offer that has her scent on it is worth gold if she’s willing to give it away. You needn’t imagine what your customers do with your used socks, if you haven’t put two and two together anyway; but that’s nothing you have much to do with. All you do is register on a portal for male customers and open-minded ladies willing to earn money by means of a creative sideline. You probably wear socks on a daily or at least on a regular basis, so why not sell them to interested customers and earn some extra money instead of washing them and getting nothing but extra work for it?

In order to sell used socks, decide on a portal you want to use and take some nice photos of your feet in the socks. You could as well add a pair of hot shoes, which spices things up a bit and makes sure you’ll soon find a customer. They’ll be asking you to wear them for a set amount of time, but it’s absolutely up to you how long you’re willing to keep them on and what kind of pictures you’re offering alongside the socks themselves.