Negotiating with customers

Sone of your customers are bound to negotiate. Not necessarily over the price, most of them are willing to pay a reasonable sum provided your prices are realistic and what you have to offer is a bit more erotic than your grandma’s old, brown pair of knickerbockers. Your customers will much rather be asking you to wear the panties for a day or two longer, wear them after masturbation, after sex, or send a few more photos to accompany your offer. What’s important to make sure you don’t lose interest in the job and it makes fun to you: Do only what’s really okay for you. If you aren’t comfortable with what a customer asks from you, then you turn the offer down no matter how much money he offers you – unless the financial aspect turns so attractive you give even the most unusual ideas a thought. If you chose to trade via an established website for selling used knickers, don’t be persuaded to trade elsewhere or give the customer your personal bank data. You’ll normally be paid by the site and he’ll transfer the sum to the site himself, which means little can go wrong and you won’t end up not getting your money. You especially won’t find yourself handing out data that would make it easy for a customer to find out who you are.