How to sell – as a professional

Once you’ve sold a number of worn panties, perhaps you’ll want to try and expand your sideline to see how much you can really earn. As a professional, you’ll be needing more pictures first of all. More customers will be attracted to you if you take a few good shots of you wearing the panties up for sale. You needn’t show your face if you don’t feel like it, but you will need a solid white or neutral background that doesn’t necessarily show your entire home, as you have no idea who’s going to see those photos – and who may just recognize the background. Take anonymity serious even as a professional: The more customers you have, the higher the probability you may just be recognized if you aren’t cautious. Most professionals have gained the expertise to attract customers via chatrooms and forums, however they still prefer sticking to websites designed specially for selling used panties. They’re simply safe and lucrative, they easily attract customers and are an attractive source of regular income.