How to sell – as a beginner

So you came to a decision and want to give selling used panties a try, then? Well, then you had better start using the system of a site specially made for ladies willing to find serious customers. Thanks to them, you’ll stay absolutely anonymous and you’ll get support for your first sales, too. All you need to do is sign up and create an account, and perhaps you’ll be required to pay a small entry fee – after all, the site has to find means of earning money, too, or else it couldn’t offer it’s service for much longer. Then you’ll be needing at least a photo of the knickers you’re trying to sell, and you have to decide on how long you’re going to wear them and if there’ll be any room for negotiations. Remember: The longer you wear the panties, the more of your smell they’re going to capture; and the more they’re going to be worth, too. For the first few pairs of worn panties, stick to the site and you’ll be safe. You’ll get a good impression of the market and of what you can expect. And, what’s most important: You’ll stay absolutely anonymous and no one can do you any harm. We recommend the following marketplaces: and